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Passive Land Hydration is the key to improved productivity

Did you know that your soil is the perfect place to store water. It can hold your water better than any dam, with less evaporation from sun or wind. Water is always available for your plants right where they need it most. Passive Land Hydration allows you to irrigate your pasture or your vegetable garden, and recharge the water table without ongoing effort or input from you.

We use a variety of structures to harvest, spread and soak rainwater into the soil on your patch of earth, and it can happen while you sleep. stack these structures across the landscape and you can have a water way across your property, with wetlands and a full aquatic ecosystem, to compliment your grassland or woodland, if that’s what you are looking for.

Every delivery of Skywater can be maximised with a bit of planning and some good Design principles. Understanding your topography, microclimate, weather cycles and production goals are paramount to utilising your precious resource before it leaves your property.

Utilising the power of Passive Land Hydration, growth of grass, trees and tucker can be accelerated by storing water in your soil. The hydrated soil becomes habitat for microbes and fungal colonies. They build soil and provide essential nutrients to the roots of your plants. Without these little critters working tirelessly in the soil, you’ve just got dirt. Soil is alive, Dirt is dead

Dirt can always be revived and converted back to soil, but it takes time. So it’s best to keep your soil alive and healthy by combining Passive Land Hydration and considered management to increase fertility and productivity. If you want to grow grass, trees or tucker on your patch of earth, water is the place to start.

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