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September 2023

Mulch Pt 1 Feeder Mulch

Future Farmer

Mulch plays a critical role in every ecosystem on earth. It comes in many forms, but the same thing happens where the mulch touches the surface of the soil. Theres a party going on for the roots of your plants. 

If you aren’t using mulch you are growing in dirt, not soil.

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Raised Beds

Future Farmer

If you’ve ever stood next to a shed in summer, or metal fence, you’ve felt heat transfer. In a raised metal garden, the heat is transferred to the soil and plant roots, ok for spring but not summer, or winter.

Freezing temps will transfer into your raised soil. Smaller beds might freeze through, stunting winter veggies and if your raised beds don’t get morning sun, they

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Future Farmer

The hero of summer vegetable gardens everywhere, but growing tomatoes in our Unpredictable Highland Climate, can be frustrating and unproductive. A bit of know-how, applied logic and good timing, you’ll get a crop by Christmas, probably…

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