The Gordon Gnohm

Play along at home, read Future Farmer in The Braidwood Bugle every Wednesday. 

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Utilise this resource to better understand your growing ecosystem and get your timing right in our Unpredictable Highland Climate. Articles include Future Farmer from The Braidwood Bugle, What the Facts?? from Facebook fame, and other musings and soap box rants

Winter Solstice


Winter Solstice July is a wonderful time for your garden. It may be frosty cold, and your soil temp may have been declining, but the Winter Solstice will change that soon enough. Like a cruise ship, it takes time to turn it around, and so it is with the warming of the earth. Winter has

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Collecting Firewood

Future Farmer

I am the custodian of a beautiful woodland ecosystem. The native trees are plentiful and diverse, with wildlife in residence. It is an endless resource that I intend to keep. I figure if I work with the existing ecosystem rather than fight it and destroy it, the bush will provide.

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