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December 2023

Nutrient Cycle

Future Farmer, Microbes

Nutrient Cycle Nows a great time to cover your garden in mulch to keep the moisture in. Mulching as discussed previously, is critical to your soil health. I do it every 3 months on veggie beds. Without mulch on top of your earth, your soil will become dirt very quickly. Soil is alive, dirt is not.

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Sodic Soil – Bombay Spew

Future Farmer

Bombay Spew – Sodic Soil A wild start to summer! 200mm+ fell here in the first 24hrs and delivered 2-10mm a day, for 5 days after.  When I first became custodian of my ‘rubbish block’, I naively thought it was because of the Kunzea dominated woodlands and total lack of pasture. It didn’t take long

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