The Gordon Gnohm

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Replicating natural systems to solve your growing needs

Do you want to grow food, grass or trees in our Unpredictable Highland Climate, just like nature intended?

Services to Enhance Your Ecosystem

ecosystem hydrology design

Passive Land Hydration

Did you know that your soil is the perfect place to store water. It can hold your water better than any dam, with less evaporation from sun or wind.

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Would you like to go further on your mission with less toiling and more understanding of natural systems?
Keep your eye out for outreach services like coaching, public speaking, workshops, tutorials and writing

group coaching in new garden


Do you want a few tips and tricks to help you to improve your gardening in our Unpredictable Highland Climate. Do you want to get your timing right for tomatoes at Christmas and beat the frost?

Replicating Natural Systems - for Farmers, Market Gardeners and Homesteaders

Increasing productivity, with less inputs and less toiling, by working with Mother Nature

Mono crops are out, nasty chemicals are out, ploughing paddocks is out, so what can you do to be more productive on your patch of earth? 

Ecosystem growing is the answer to all the woes created by modern agriculture. Produce nutrient dense tucker in abundance, for profit or family. The Gordon Gnohm works closely with you to turn your yard or paddock into the most productive place on earth. 

The cornerstone of this work is Rainwater Harvesting and Passive Land Hydration.Closely followed by plenty of organic matter to build your soil and an introduction to the gazillions of microbes that keep the earth operational.

christmas tomatoes
Canberra Avocado

A True Highland Specialist

Growing in the highlands is a lot easier than folks make out.

The Gordon Gnohm has been growing tucker where they told him he couldn’t since the turn of the century. This knowledge has been passed on to gardeners and farmers over the past 25+ years in workshops, classes, coaching, designs and practical products.

If you live between 500m and 900m above sea level, in the bush or in town, let The Gordon Gnohm help you become more productive by getting your timing right and building your soil with microscopic critters. As simple as Nature intended.

Are You New to Gardening in the Highlands?

There's no time like right now to get your hands in the soil and start to grow your own tucker.
Its not as hard as you might think (or folks make out)
Welcome to the Highlands, its the best place to grow tucker naturally

What Our Clients Say


“We love the design. It feels like you’ve captured what we wanted, and then amplified it into something really special.”


Sophie D. Karabar NSW

Its truely amazing, Ive changed the way I use my Backyard, especially in winter, and Im growing avocados in Canberra!

Liz M.  Lyons ACT

Book A Strategy Session Today and Get Your Dream Underway

swale end use banner

Passive Land Hydration pt9 Swale End Use

Let us celebrate an easier, better way to grow grass, trees and tucker. There have been 50 years of practical examples of success in marginal country all over the world.
Last week we learnt how Permaculture Swales can rehabilitate degraded landscapes and can be used to accommodate grazing on pasture as one...

What The Fact?? LADY BEETLES

Lady Beetles, Lady Birds, Lady Bugs, what do you call them? These Beetles are really very, unladylike eating machines and play the role of teeny tiny superheroes in your...

Garden Bed Prep

Does your Veggie Garden have enough nutrients to get through this growing season? Most folks talk of hard work and sweat, and others less so. I’ve heard all the ways, and there are two common mistakes to avoid in your garden this Spring. My No Weed Veggie Bed technique will solve both of these mistakes and...

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