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October 2023

Mid Spring Musings

Future Farmer, Passive Land Hydration

Mid Spring Musings It’s the middle of calendar spring, and to call it a wild one would be an understatement. 30C in September! then last week snow! Our Unpredictable Highland Climate delivers again.  So how does your garden grow?  Did you get your tomatoes in the ground early? Reports from folks playing along at home […]

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Mulch Pt 4 Living Mulch

Future Farmer

Mulch Pt 4 Living Mulch Ploughing, cultivating or digging over land destroys the structure of soil. Baking that soil is a very fast way to create dirt. Continue this behaviour and soon dirt will become desert. How best to repair the earth?  Stop Ploughing! Then Mulch. The only way to improve your soil health is to

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Mulch Pt 3 Mulch to Avoid

Future Farmer

Mulch Pt 3 The key to your soil health is living thriving microbes. Like all livestock, microbes need to be nurtured, sheltered and they need to be fed, a lot. High quality feed usually grows better beasts and so it is with microbes. You get out what you put in.  Mulches can be beneficial, or

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