The Gordon Gnohm

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Everyone needs a few tips and tricks to help them on their way, especially in our Unpredictable Highland Climate. 

Half of what we learn is by experience, the other half we learnt from someone else.

The Gordon Gnohm has been successfully assisting highland folks to grow grass, food and trees for a very long time. Replicating naturals systems to improve productivity with less toil and inputs.

What are you working on right now? 



Market Gardener


Are you building a homestead for your family and friends?

Do you keep a range of farm animals at hobby level?

Are you looking to create abundance where you can and store the rest?

is your homestead becoming your lifestyleI


Have you been thinking of producing food for your local community? 

Do you want be part of the solution?

Are you currently producing but want to improve productivity?



Do you own enough land to run a profitable farm?

Will you run stock for profit?

Will you produce commercial levels of vegetables, fodder or trees

Are you looking to expand your operation?

Are you currently producing but would like to become more productive

Do you want to super charge your endeavours and get started with an action plan?

Are you concerned about the Changing Climate? Do you want to adapt with it?

No matter what your current level of experience, or what you believe you can or can’t achieve on your patch or earth, The Gordon Gnohm can help get you on the right track with less fuss and no nasties. 

Book a strategy session today so you can start you project with confidence. 

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