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Utilise this resource to better understand your growing ecosystem and get your timing right in our Unpredictable Highland Climate. Articles include Future Farmer from The Braidwood Bugle, What the Facts?? from Facebook fame, and other musings and soap box rants

Welcome to 2024- Forecast

Future Farmer

Welcome to 2024 – Forecast Its been a relatively uneventful start to the year, if you don’t count the 200+mm of rain we’ve had since the week before Christmas. The rain that started just after the long hot dry summer forecast was proclaimed.  Back in the day When I was a young lad, we used

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Nutrient Cycle

Future Farmer, Microbes

Nutrient Cycle Nows a great time to cover your garden in mulch to keep the moisture in. Mulching as discussed previously, is critical to your soil health. I do it every 3 months on veggie beds. Without mulch on top of your earth, your soil will become dirt very quickly. Soil is alive, dirt is not.

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