The Gordon Gnohm

Play along at home, read Future Farmer in The Braidwood Bugle every Wednesday. 

FaceTime Strategy Session

Congratulations on booking your Strategy Session.

Im looking forward to working with you, but first please answer the questions below to give me some back ground about you and your space. It’ll help me to keep our Strategy Session on point and make sure you get the most out of our time together.

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What are you looking to learn from this initial meeting?
Describe you current garden or farm, your history with it and what you've done so far.
Share your vision for the future, and identify what areas you want assistance with to achieve your goal.s
Meeting Type
How would you like to be contacted. It is best if you can be in your garden, I will be in mine where I can. Its ok if you don't have reception in your space we can make do.
Please Presend the following to assist the focus of the meeting.
Best phone number to FaceTime on
Best Time for your Strategy Session
Please select a Strategy Session time that best suits you.
Best Day for your Strategy Session
A strategy session will be booked one to two weeks after application, on your preferred day. You will be notified of available sessions prior to your meeting so you can make a choice to best suit you.
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