The Gordon Gnohm

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Water Feature Maintenance

The Gordon Gnohm offers full service Water Feature Maintenance to homeowners, businesses and local councils. Let us tend your current Water Feature and bring it back to its former glory and keep it that way.

Is your pond or fountain in need of some love? Do you know someone who’s waterfeature has seen better days? Our dedicated team of Pondologists are here to Help.

Our Water Feature Maintenance Services are as follows and not limited to; Annual cleanouts, Water changes, Plant thinning, Algae fixes, Leak finding, Redesigns, Upgrades, and Rebuilds.

No matter what technology you are using, how old the pond is or how big or small, We are here to help.

If you would like your pond looking and working like new there is no time like the present to clean the muck away.

Contact The Gordon Gnohm Today and get your dream underway.

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