The Gordon Gnohm

Be sure to read my article, Future Farmer in The Braidwood Bugle every Wednesday. 

The Gordon Gnohm is Future Farmer. A series of timely educational articles, first seen In the Braidwood Bugle August 2023.

Read it first in The Bugle every Wednesday.

Articles will be archived here for easy reference, to assist you to better grow in our Unpredictable Highland Climate, with less toil and more tucker in your belly.

If you are a Market Gardener, Farmer or a Homesteader, The Gordon Gnohm has some interesting ideas to assist you to grow food, trees and grass. His Ecosystem growing techniques are disrupting the old ways and finding better ways to thrive. No greenhouses here, just clever imitation of natural systems as designed by Mother Nature.

Join the ground swell of highland folks playing along at home, so you can eat tomatoes at Christmas, grow avocados at your place and find easier ways to become more productive. Seriously! No toiling and No nasties.

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