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Ecological Design

ecosystem design

After your Onsite Consultation is complete, the next step on the path to an awesome, considered,  High PerformanceGarden, is to ask us to create an Ecological Design for you. 

This Design is the framework that will assist you to realise your Dream Garden. A Digital Design will also make it easier for others to work on your project too. The difference between an Ecological Design and a regular landscaping design is simple. We go beyond landscaping, We Build Ecosystems.

We aim to create a Sustainable Ecosystem around your home, to enhance the comfort, productivity, functionality and of course the beauty of your house and garden. An Ecosystem, rather than just landscaping, will allow more time for you and your family to enjoy life and spend less time doing chores. 

At The Gordon Gnohm, we believe living in a functional Human Ecosystem will assist you to live a happier and more relaxed life with less effort. 

Design Elements

Micro Climates

During the Design Process, our Ecological Designers will look to create microclimates around your home. The creation of these Microclimates will secure your Garden as a functioning, sustainable Ecosystem. Birds, bees, and lizards will set up camp in your yard and help to manage your garden naturally. Food will be easier to grow and your yard will be more enjoyable all year round.

Based on decades of experience, the Microclimates we create around your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer. A more comfortable and enjoyable environment will be created with considered plantings and hardscaping. The Solar Passive aspects of your home will be enhanced and you may even see a reduction in your energy bills. 

Rainwater Harvesting

Harvesting Rainwater and utilising Passive Watering Systems to hydrate your garden is our priority. We aim to harvest and distribute rainwater around your block and hold the water in the earth for longer. 

Your new plantings will get an early boost and will establish deep penetrating roots, even in the toughest of soil profiles. Your new plantings will be able to tolerate whatever our unpredictable Highland Climate dishes up. This will effectively Future Proof your Garden. Your watering inputs will be reduced. reduce your watering input, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your home. You may even find it becomes increasingly hard to leave home, and holiday times are increasingly spent in your own private oasis.

What Food Can I Grow

Contrary to the urban myths floating around town, there is no end to the list of berries, fruits and vegetables that can be grown in The Canberra Region. The Gordon Gnohm has found that growing food in The Canberra Region is all about timing and finding the right spot in your Ecosystem for each plant. Even avocadoes will grow here, and with Climate Change ramping up, who knows what will be possible in the future. 

With the right Microclimate, a little bit of gardening know how and the willingness to have a go, your decision for plantings comes down to, What do you want to eat? 

When the Ecological Design Process is complete, you will have a beautiful and lateral Digital Design. You will then be one step closer to creating a Lush, Productive, High Performance Garden at your place.

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