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Onsite Consultation

onsite consultation

The Gordon Gnohm starts every project with an Onsite Consultation.

Onsite Consultation services assist us to get to now you, to understand your patch of earth and what is possible on it. Our Ecological Designer will come to your home to discuss your vision, your local microclimate and to get a feel for you and your project. Understanding you is just as important to us as understanding your soil condition.

If you choose to work creatively with your land, our Ecological Designer can assist you to turn your dreams into reality, no matter the size or scope of your project. 

How we do it

The key to every project is to manage the condition of your soil. It is essential to future proofing your home, garden andthe planet. Soil condition is related to many factors and unique to each site. 

With a focus on rainwater catchment, soakage, solar aspects, prevailing winds and other unique features of your block, this process will provide the ‘pieces of the puzzle’ required to complete a design specifically for you. Your new High Performance growspace will be productive and lush all year round, even in our Unpredictable Highland Climate.

An Ecological Design that considers you and your lifestyle starts with an Onsite Consultation.

Book a Consult today and get your dream underway.

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