Perpetual Compost Making System (High Performance Chicken Run)

With over a decade working with chickens, we know how much fun they can be and the eggs are awesome too. But we also know that keeping chickens has many pitfalls. How to best build a chicken run for your new flock? How to avoid pests, diseases and predators? What else can your chickens do for you?

The Gordon Gnohm has always been into chickens for their tireless work ethic, high production values and because they can be very low maintenance. We have experienced most chicken pitfalls over the years and every time weve upgraded the failing in our design until the issues were no more.

We have utilised Chickens to nutrify and deweed garden beds, warm green houses, clear scrub land, but mostly we ask them to make compost for us.

If your chicken run is well designed and installed, your chickens can make compost for you all year round with very little input from you. Your flock will literally work for food scraps.

If your chicken run is located advantageously, you won’t even have to muck it out to share the compost around your garden.

Let us design and install the simplest, safest, lowest maintenance chicken run you have ever seen.

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