Our Ecosystem Pond collection utilises Mother Natures Microbial Minions to clean the water for you.

All our Ecosystem Ponds come complete with a Skimmer for mechanical filtration and a Biofalls for biological filtration. These 2 units come with a lifetime warranty ensuring trouble free use for the life of your pond.

Our systems are powered by super energy efficient pumps to keep your pond water travelling between the biofalls and the skimmer. Our Pumps come with a 3 year warranty. Sized perfectly to turn your pond over adequately and effectively.

We exclusively use Firestone EPDM, fish safe, liner in all our Ecosystem Ponds. This liner is backed by a 20 year warranty if the liner is exposed to the sun. We rock in all our ponds to protect the liner from the sun, further extending the serviceable life of the liner. The rocks also add to the natural feel of the install and they look great.

Statement Pond

starting at $5990

The Statement Pond is a modest sized pond capable of establishing your ecosystem in smaller spaces. This is the perfect pond for a small space, but is still big enough to function as the centre of your ecosystem. That means less maintenance and more natural beauty at home, or anywhere you want to make a statement.

Pond size Approx 3m x 2m x .6m deep.

Up to 4.5T of stone boulders and 1/2T of decorative pebble

Aquasurge 3000 Pump 12000L p/h

Feature Pond

starting at $14990

The Feature Pond is the perfect pond for supporting a lush Watergarden with turtles or fish. Big enough to be a complete ecosystem and less maintenance than smaller ponds. This is because the larger body of water is less affected by temperature extremes, sun, nutrient imbalances and stormwater handling capacity.

Wherever you put this pond it is sure to feature in your new lifestyle and provide outdoor extension of your living spaces.

Pond Approx 3m x 5m x .6m deep

Up to 10T stone boulders and 1 1/2T decorative pebble

Aquasurge 4000 Pump 15000L p/h

Masterpiece Pond

starting at $29990

Our Masterpiece rangers set to change the way you use your home. You’ll feel like you are on holidays every day, when you have a resort style Waterfeature in your own home. A simple and healthy way to decompress from the rigors of modern living.

A significant body of water will change your local microclimate by keeping the humidity and temperature more stable during seasonal extremes.

Look out lawn here comes our Masterpiece range, sized to suit most suburban backyards. An extremely low maintenance landscaping alternative and show stopping Watergarden.

Pond Approx 6m x 7m x .6m deep

Up to 20T stone boulders and 2 1/2T decorative pebble

Aquasurge 5000 Pump 20000L p/h

We also design and build Plunge Pools, Swim Ponds and Dam Clarification

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