A Pond is not always suitable in every situation, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a Watergarden.

The Solution?

Go Pondless!

A Pondless System will enhance any garden space and easily become your focal point for entertaining and relaxing without an exposed body of water.

We build Pondless Waterfalls and Streams using similar techniques depending on the slope and elevation of your yard. Waterfalls are suited to steeper elevations and Streams are best for meandering across flatter ground.

How it works

All our Pondless Systems come with a Waterfall Diffuser to deliver a strong, wide, constant flow to the top of your one of a kind, handbuilt, Stone Waterfall.

The water gets filtered by Mother Natures Microbial Minions as it winds its way downhill through the gravel and plants. The water will eventually find its way down into the Pump Vault which is covered in pebble and stone.

We generally recomend increasing the capacity of the pump vault. It can be increased to any size and shape imaginable. The increased capacity will keep your Pondless System operating at optimum levels all year round. We can design it so you will not need to top up your Waterfeature during summer ensuring your pump will never run dry.

We Only use the Best

The Diffuser and Pump Vault come with a lifetime warranty ensuring trouble free use for the life of your Waterfeature

Our systems are powered by super energy efficient pumps that come with a 3 year warranty. We match the pump to your pond accurately, to turn your water over adequately and effectively. Eliminating green water forever.

We exclusively use Firestone EPDM, fish safe, liner in all our Pondless features. This liner is backed by a 20 year warranty if the liner is exposed to the sun.

We rock in all our Pondless features for several reasons. To extend the serviceable life of the liner by protecting it from the sun. The Rocks also create habitat for beneficial bacteria and of course they add to the natural feel of the install because they look great.

Our Pondless Features standalone brilliantly or they can be added to an Ecosystem Pond to extend the range of your feature.

Or your Pondless Feature can very easily become a stylish Rainwater Harvesting System with No ugly plastic tanks.

What will you do with yours?


Starting from $2990

Approx 1m long perfect for entrances and courtyards.

1T stone and pebble

Pump 8000L p/h with 200L sump

Babbling Brook

Starting from $4990

Approx 2m long.

2T stone and pebble

Pump 8000L p/h with 268L sump


Starting from $8990

Approx 5m long

6T stone and pebble

Pump 12000L p/h with 335L sump


Starting from $14990

Approx 8m long .

10T stone and pebble

Pump 15000L p/h with 756L sump

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