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Our Story

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The Gordon Gnohm lives to create Ecosystems

We Build Ecosystems for humans, critters and food, by replicating systems already designed by Mother Nature to solve your growing needs.

At the heart of every Ecosystem is water, the source of all life and so it is with our designs. We focus on soil building with leaf litter and organic materials to keep the soil alive and thriving. And finally, attracting inhabitants to enjoy, consume and interact with your garden.  Humans, birds, frogs, bees, insects and microbes all have a part to play in a living Ecosystem.

Ask Us How

Your yard can easily be transformed into a living ecosystem, resulting in less work from you and more time to enjoy your family and your home.

We do this in three easy steps

First, we Consult with you, about the lifestyle you desire from your landscape transformation. The initial consultation is about having a conversation with you, and listening to your ideas and sharing some of our own.

The aspect and local microclimate are critical factors noted in the initial onsite consultation before we can start to design your ecosystems build.

After the consultation is complete, we produce an Ecological Design with a brief.

Once the design is accepted, we can Implement the design and manage the project

Job costing and timeframes can also be provided at your request, to help all parties to stay on time and on budget.

From start to finish we have got you covered.

The Gordon Gnohm has over 25 years experience in Canberra Region Gardens.

We create Lush, High Performance Gardens, that you will never want to leave.

If you are looking to enhance your living environs, and you want it to be just like nature intended,

Contact The Gordon Gnohm today and get your Dream underway.


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