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The Gordon Gnohm has Earthmoving Machines and Attachments especially suited to suburban sites, rural homesteads and small civil works. If you know what you want, we are here to do the hard work for you.

Our Experienced, Licenced Operators will dig footings, trenches for utilities or hedges, post holes, piers and we will look after your drainage issues too.

We can prepare your site for paving, concrete or turf.

For fence line clearing, site clearing, site cleanups, spreading gravel, soil or mulch, let our machines do the toiling for you.

Earthmoving Machines for suburban backyards and rural homesteads

Our Urban Fleet includes

2T Excavator Retractable Tracks (1300mm-990mm) buckets; 1200mm Sieve 1200 mud, 300mm & 450mm plus power Auger with 200mm & 300mm augers

S100 Bobcat skid steer (1250mm wide) has 4 in 1 and sieve bucket

Tipper 2.5T capacity. Long Trailer 3T capacity (not tipper)

Bigger Truck and Earthmoving Machines available for larger projects.

If it’s in the dirt, We Dig It.

Get on the Phone, Call The Gnohm.

Earthmoving 0450 577 663